Школа: д. Грибаново, тел.: 635-09-53; 635-09-54
Детский сад: Горки-2, тел.: 661-15-20; 661-15-30

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Детский сад


25.11.2010 - День благодарения.
Traditionally, the fourth Thursday in November was marked by a celebration of Thanksgiving Day. It is an annual holiday in the USA.
On the 25th of November the school hosted the ILP teachers who came to tell an interesting and exciting story of Thanksgiving Day and how it came to stay. They wore the costumes of native Indians and war paint and also brought with them a traditional fare of pumpkin pie, fruit and turkey.
After that we played different panel games and quizzes devoted to the occasion. Throughout the rest of the day the atmosphere of festivity reigned in the school.
To crown it all, at lunchtime a roasted turkey was brought in under a storm of applause in the school canteen and everybody partook of the meal.

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